Recipe: The cream of cheesecakes

This is a beautiful, light heated cheesecake — it is completely sharp and shockingly velvety. Obviously got done with a garnish of blueberries, and it actually needs nothing else.

Heated Lime Cheesecake with Ginger and Blueberries

biscuits base


200 gr gingernut biscuits

50 gr softened margarine


Line the base of a 8 inch springform tin with a circle of material and margarine the sides of the ring.

First set up the bread roll base.

Squash the bread rolls in a sack with a moving pin or utilize a food processor.

Blend in with the dissolved spread and press solidly into the base of the tin.

Heat at 150C for 10 minutes.

Permit to cool and margarine the sides prior to filling.



675 gr full fat cream cheddar

250 gr sugar

60 gr harsh cream

60 gr pouring cream

3 unfenced eggs

1 tbs ground lime zing

180 ml lime juice

1 tsp vanilla concentrate

1½ tsp cornflour filtered


In the bowl of an electric blender beat the cream cheddar and the sugar.

Add the eggs and beat until the blend is smooth.

Add the harsh cream, cream and vanilla.

Beat in the lime zing, squeeze and corn flour. Blend well.

Scratch the combination into the readied tin, at that point heat at 160C for 40 minutes.

At that point turn down the warmth to 120C and keep on cooking until just set, about an additional 10 minutes, there will be a little wobble in the middle.

Eliminate from the broiler and, utilizing a little, sharp blade, free the sides from the tin.

Permit to cool while setting up the blueberries.

Blueberry Compote


250 gr blueberries

20 gr sugar

8 gr corn flour


Carry the blueberries to a delicate stew at that point blend the corn flour with enough water to make a light glue.

Add the corn flour and stew briefly until thickened.

Scratch into a spotless bowl over ice or cold water, them once cooled, spoon over the cheesecake, refrigerate until totally set and cool — in a perfect world short-term.

Cut with a hot dry blade — it actually needs nothing with it.