Brexit: New guidelines on passage with animals and animal items from the United Kingdom

Bern, 10.12.2020 – From 1 January 2021, imports of animals and animal items from the United Kingdom into Switzerland will be dependent upon similar conditions as imports from nations outside the European Union.

This has ramifications for voyagers wishing to import animals or results of animal cause from the United Kingdom into Switzerland.

The United Kingdom (UK) will presently don’t be an individual from the European Union from 1 January 2021. From that date, the countries of England, Scotland and Wales that structure a piece of the UK will be viewed as third nations for the reasons for veterinary and food legislation.This has ramifications for individuals entering Switzerland from the UK or getting back to Switzerland after an outing to the UK. From January, they will be dependent upon new guidelines allowing imports of animals and merchandise just under determined conditions.

Direct section with canines conceivable just through air terminals

Section and reemergence with canines, felines, ferrets or flying animals will currently be conceivable just through the air terminals of Geneva, Zurich and Basel. Winged animals may now be imported just by means of the air terminals of Geneva and Zurich.

New guidelines will likewise apply with respect to rabies. In light of current data, the UK is classed as an okay nation. From 1 January 2021, animals from the UK will be dependent upon similar passage necessities seeing rabies as, animals from the USA.

Import of meat not, at this point allowed

A significant change applies for voyagers conveying food in their baggage: the import of meat or of items containing meat, and the import of nourishments containing milk (cheddar, and so forth), will presently don’t be allowed in future. The import of up to 20 kg of fish, 2 kg of nectar and 125 g of caviar for every individual will even now be conceivable. Explorers can counsel the sites of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office and the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) to discover which nourishments are allowed, in which amounts, and which obligations are payable on import.

The FCA’s “QuickZoll” application empowers explorers to check ahead of time which import conditions apply to their entrance into Switzerland.